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Interactive modules for Data Exploration and Visualization (imDEV) is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet embedded application providing an integrated environment for the analysis of omics data through a user-friendly interface. Individual modules enable interactive and dynamic analyses of large data by interfacing R’s multivariate statistics and highly customizable visualizations with the spreadsheet environment, aiding robust inferences and generating information rich data visualizations. This tool provides access to multiple comparisons with false discovery correction, hierarchical clustering, principal (PCA) and independent component analyses (ICA), partial least squares regression (PLS) and discriminant analysis (PLS-DA), through an intuitive interface for creating high quality two and a three-dimensional visualizations including scatter plot matrices, distribution plots, dendrograms, heat maps, biplots, trellis biplots and  correlation networks.
If you find imDEV helpful please cite our application note in the Journal Bioinformatics


Users Manual

imDEV currently supports Microsoft Excel versions 2003-2010

To activate imDEV you need to install R, RExcel and StatDCOMM as well as the most current verison of imDEV.

Put all programs into Program Files in individual folders as one would typically install a program. Open Excel and make sure the RExcel add-in is working.
Unzip imDEV to some location, creating an imDEV subfolder.
Open Excel and go to Add-ins and browse for the imDEV add-in (will be .xla ( Excel 2003) or .xlam for >2003). Check the box so that it will appear under the add-in tab on Excel. Initialize imDEV, which will take a few minutes the first time.

Note: upon first startup, paste the code below into the R console to enable imPLS:



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