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2014 UC Davis Proteomics Workshop

Recently I had the pleasure of teaching data analysis at the 2014 UC Davis Proteomics Workshop. This included a hands on lab for making gene ontology enrichment networks. You can check out my lecture and tutorial below or download all the material.



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PubChem 446220 = Yeyo


I just updated my R package, CTSgetR, for biological database translation using the Chemical Translation Service (CTS). While making code examples I came across some humorous chemical name synonyms for the molecule referenced in PubChem  as CID = 446220. googleBelow are a few examples, can you guess what this is?

Badrock, Bazooka, Bernice, Bernies, Blast, Blizzard, Bouncing Powder, Bump, Burese, C Carrie, Cabello, Candy, Caviar, Cecil, Charlie, Chicken Scratch, Cholly, Coca, Cocktail, Cola, Dama blanca, Dust, Flake, Flex, Florida Snow, Foo Foo, Freeze, Girl, Gold dust, Goofball, Green gold, G-Rock, Happy dust, Happy powder, Happy trails, Heaven, Hell, Jam, Kibbles n’ Bits, Kokan, Kokayeen, Lady, Leaf, Line, Moonrocks, Pimp’s drug, Prime Time, Rock, Sleighride, Snort, Snow (birds), Star dust, Star-spangled powder, Sugar, Sweet Stuff, Toke, Toot, Trails, White girl or lady, Yeyo, Zip