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Type 2 Diabetes Associated Changes in the Plasma Non-Esterified Fatty Acids, Oxylipins and Endocannabinoids » Figure 1. The type 2 diabetes-associated lipidomic changes projected in context of their biological relationships in obese African-American women.

Metabolites are represented by circular “nodes” linked by “edges” with arrows designating the direction of the biosynthetic gradient (i.e. substrate to product). Some metabolites are linked by more than one enzymatic step. Node sizes represent magnitudes of differences in plasma metabolite geometric means (ΔGM). Arrow widths represent magnitudes of changes in product over substrate ratios (ΔP:S). Colors of node borders and arrows represent the significance and direction of changes relative to non-diabetics as per the figure legend. Differences are significant at p<0.05 by Mann-Whitney U test adjusted for FDR (q = 0.1).


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